Thursday, 5 January 2012

Welcome to my wonderland

The past few days I've been hibernating, getting inspired, using lots of glitter and hunting through lots of blogs!

 Saw my wonderful friend Byng for the first time in ages the other night and we had a crafty sesh attempting to make antlers & pom pom's (neither are finished of yet!..the pom pom's ended up slightly disastrous and resembling small snails aha!) but it was heaps of fun & made me definitely want lots more crafting times!

 I thought I'd do a little post a picture of what my little world looks like..(and all the drawings are magic'd!) !.. Here's my bed (sitting on which I do most of my general crafting/drawing activities!), I always have lots of boards scattered around like the one next to my bed full of photos/inspiring things I love....

I also have a continual inspiring wall section on my wardrobe full of all sorts of pretty treats (:

And my bookcase where I store all my Jewellry/assortments of beads/sparkles etc..always gets incredibly busy!

I've been working on a few little bits. I decided I want to use more flowers within my work, so began by attempting a magical rose (inspired by beauty & the beast...of course!). I'm still getting used to drastically different from the trusty rotring pen! But I quite like the initial result..what do you think?

I'm also part through a little Sleeping Beauty project of  drawings that I'll post about soon, but for now here's a little fairy type I did for two special little ladies Iola & Ursula (:

In my determination to not let the drab month of January affect me I've been keeping up my new years resolutions of small creative projects every day! (: 

The past few days I've been slightly battling with the process of making a peter pan collared shirt, so far not much has happened  except the cutting process but I'll keep you updated! Hope you all have wonderful weeks! Lots of Love


  1. :o oh wow, your room is amazing! love the rose too, definitely very beauty and the beast-esque X

  2. your room is gorgeous! i love the drawing of a fairy by the way, so adorable :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  3. :o your room looks like a fairytale <3

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring space it must be to work in! I'm sighing and smiling just looking at it. Somehow imagining that it smells like Vera Wang 'Princess' too :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S - Just found you through your following me on Twitter (@ClutterMePretty) - your illustrations are stunning x

  5. What a lovely bedroom! So so pretty... I wish mine had looked like that. Too late now, my boyfriend would feel rather displaced!

  6. your room is absolutely epic :D
    nadiine @ freebird.

  7. Your blog is pure beautiful ! It's like a happy pink place , makes you feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside : / Weird .

    I followed because I wanna come back soonies !


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