Sunday, 21 October 2012

October sparkly pic n mix ♡

Super busy couple of weeks for me! & no doubt it's only going to get busier! Been doing lots and lots of drawing for my final major project (eeeek!) and trying to write my dissertation (double eeek!) - on the wonderful Tim Walker. I'm TOO excited to go and see his exhibition this week! - I will definitely be blogging about that soon! 

I'm also going to be part of an exciting exhibition in Brighton called 'Ghosts of gone birds' organised for me by the wonderful MoonKo, I'll post more on this later in the week! This post is a bit of a pic n mix!...

For now heres a snippet of a drawing I've been working on....

 and a sneaky peak of one of my christmas cards soon to hit my ETSY <3
There are four designs...penguin, snow fox, reindeer & baby polar bear so watch this space!...

On a final little note it's my dads birthday today! Here's hoping he has a lovely day..and here's the card I sent :)

 & it's also my wonderful parents wedding anniversary!
Absolutely love this picture <3

Have wonderful Sundays! Lots of love x x x 

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