Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Birthday Fun ♡

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, had a bit of crazy few weeks, and I turned 24 on Saturday so we did lots of beautiful birthday things, all planned by the best boy in the world ah! He surprised me with flowers and cute art bits on Friday evening and then after work there was a surprise trip to a Japanese Izakaye, which is like a kind of Japanese tapas drinking bar, where it's all you can drink and eat for a set price, lots of lovely people met us from work and I had many a Lychee ginger and various bowls of tofu, vegetables and beans, so delicious and fun! - and I got some really beautiful presents including fresh flowers and roses from my lovely friend's Yuko & Owain delivered to the Izakaye!!, sparkly nail stick on's from lovely friends at Narimasu, an amazing alice card and cute little bits from my friend Haruko, some cute pink bits from my friend Misa and some gorgeous make up from my wonderful friend Mayuko! It was such a fun night and made me feel so lucky to live in such a great place and know such kind lovely people!
Here are a few little photos :) Hope you like,

Lots of Love x x x x x

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday!! I just discovered your blog, I live right in your neighbourhood :)
    You post so many lovely things, glad you're enjoying Japan!


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