Monday, 11 May 2015

Hiroshima Deer heaven in Miyajima forest ♡ 宮島天国 - 鹿や山に逃げます

In Golden Week we took our first trip together since living in Japan to the other side of the island and the magical Hiroshima, it was completely the opposite of Tokyo and everything I dream`t of and more, it was so calm and beautiful and felt amazing to be completely in nature. Hiroshima itself has a super peaceful vibe, and considering everything thats happened there I found the people and the city itself to have some really interesting creative areas and cafes (more about that later), we enjoyed exploring and wondering around the tiny side streets and crossing the rivers (its a place divided by so much water and is right on the coast - our hotel overlooked the ocean from almost every angle and islands stretched deep into the sunset, the most beautiful of these islands was Miyajima, world heritage and famous for its beautiful red shrine and huge forest that engulfs the island. We spent my favourite day exploring the island, climbing Mount Misen - a big peak on the island surrounded by forest and deer clambering everywhere (as you can imagine I couldn`t cope!) Heres some of my favourite memories from the day (my cameras once again jam packed full of deer again ahhhhhh!!!)

Hope everyones enjoying spring and the sunshine wherever you are! More of Hiroshima to be posted soon ♡ Lots of love! x x x x x

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