Friday, 14 August 2015

A little trip to Kyoto new discoveries Part 1 京都 ♡

This summer was the first time to actually get a decent chunk of summer holiday included with my new job, so me and Craig decided to travel upto Kyoto & Nara (his first time). This area of Japan is incredible, possibly my favourite place in the world, not only is the spirit so reviving and the nature so beautiful, but being a vegan in japan the food is just amazing!!!! We decided to go to some places I didn't go to last time and spent most of the time exploring unknown neighbourhoods through walking - even though it was a brutal 38 degrees most days (Tokyo feels positively cool now!)
 Matcha tea and insanely delicious sweets are everywhere and there are an abundance of all vegan restaurants offering such unique and delicious japanese grub, Here`s a little snapshot of some of my favourite places & nom`s! (more to come!)
Iced sweet matcha and Kinako Dango ♡

 Amazing skies and views at sunset from Kiyomizu-dera 

Vegan japanese traditional lunch set (with yuba rice)  - Yuba is one of my favourite Japanese foods - its like a kind of skin made from the excess of tofu and super yummy!

Hope everyones having a lovely summer! Lots of love! x x x

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