Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A trip back to deer heaven - Nara park 鹿の天国♡

So as to be expected from a super deer lover, no trip to Kyoto is complete without a Nara visit, and this time was extra special for some of the cuties and moments we encountered, Nara is definitely one of my favourite places ever and just being able to be so close to so many of these beautiful creatures is so incredible - so lots of deer spam in this post!!!

Shika rice crackers you can buy and feed the deer with ♡

Matcha kakigori on a bench surrounded by deer!

One of the most magic moments of our trip hands down was the surreal moment when we noticed a deer about to give birth, and then watched the whole thing and him try and take his first steps, I felt so connected to nature (I`m sure its obvious how much I love deer - could barely cope!!)

Such a cute little vegan cafe in Nara, where the kind lady talked us through every ingredient in every dish (in english!) It was again definitely worth another of our trecks to find! Finally I got to try vegan soy okinomiyaki!!! & all sorts of crazy vegetables for the first time!

Lots of love  x x x x

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