Saturday, 14 May 2016

Finding creative peace ♡

Some current feels...

As you probably gather (if you read my blog and its very random up datedness!) that I`ve been living in Tokyo for the past 2 years and a few months. Tokyo, and namely my town, Shimokitazawa is definitely one of my favourite places on this earth.
I am currently on a short hiatus to heal my mind, body and soul from numerous stresses! My next step will be back in beautiful Japan (left my boy there ee!) but from an outlook and mindset I don`t think I would've felt before. Small life changes and taking yourself out of the bubble can prove undeniably helpful - if everything is so negative and confused coming from your lips, so is your thought process. A change of environment can be the most daunting but the most soul refreshing. I was listening to some really beautiful interesting podcasts yesterday evening and some of the wisest words arose `the worlds standard of judging is not in accordance with the higher ethics of the soul`. 
Heres my buddha bunny, I think everyone should be like him, because the world needs a little more zen and love and sometimes time out,  I think he`d advise only you have the power to figure out the craziness of life and let yourself be less affected and connect to yourself, and with that the happier and more full of a life you'll lead, and with that (super deep post compared to normal!) hope your all having magical saturdays, nourish your hearts and minds well! lots of love x x x x

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