Friday, 17 June 2016

Rose Petal Deer 100 cuteness make-a-thon update Days 12 - 21 ♡ (100日ハンドメイド)

Still (just - a little behind) going with my challenge of a piece of creative art / project every single day, so far I have really loved it, my drawing style has changed and developed and I`ve followed through with themes and new ideas! Alongside this I`ve also been learning dressmaking (some first pieces are nearly done!) For now heres a little glimpse of some cuteness though, you can follow me more regularly on instagram @rosepetaldeer <3 Lots of love x x x x


  1. I never know that somebody can create the images of different animals by using Rose Petals. O myy Goosshh.. They are looking absolutely amazing. The way you had developed your art work on papers is Phenomenon.

  2. Good work,keep sharing...


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