Wednesday, 30 November 2011

moomins & tea

FInally am home & able to get my blog up & running after months of travels/various internships. I've been working at Tatty Devine, Beyond the Valley & at Birmingham Royal Ballet over the course of the summertime, and finally reaching a point where I'll be home for good for a little while to concentrate on some of my own work, which is exciting! For now I'm just returning for a short while to work at the Tatty Devine clothes show stall though, which I can't wait for, looks like theres going to be lots of lovely new things there this year, definitely worth paying a visit if your around Birmingham this weekend! 

So much to write about from my adventures of the past few months, but my main excitement for this evening has be being able to curl up on the sofa with a mug of earl grey in my recently acquired moomin mug from Stockholm and drift through the web for some serious blog catchup time! My mug was from stockholm in a beautiful little home ware shop when me & Craig went at the weekend to visit one of my dearest friends Phoebe. It makes me very happy with its illustrations of wonderfulness! 

Stockholm is one of the best places I've visited for a while, and although we were only there for a day or so we crammed so much in! There were so many beautiful quaint shops full of lovely handmade toys and things,and sweetie shops on literally..every street! The supermarket even had moomin sweeties in all the shapes of the characters...which was ridiculously exciting! 

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