Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Doe a deer

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a lovely day! I can't believe Christmas day has come and gone and I've been home nearly two weeks! Time's flown so fast! I've been loving the wintery festive season (& getting away with even more glitter than usual!) and drawing lots of wintery creatures! 

Christmas day me & Craig made epic amounts of vegetarian sushi as we decided we wanted a Japanese style Christmas dinner this year! We also had lots of my dad's homemade damson gin which was super delish! It's been brewing with fruit from the garden and is a gorgeous pink purple colour now and so super fruity nomm!   

I got some really beautiful pressies. Craig got me an excellent cushion like fox called Edward, an old fashioned hardback diary with a deer on, a beautiful book and a bell jar.  I also got lots of lovely little things with deer and sparkles eee & my wonderful friend Lor even made me a pink collar with deer on!...and from my mum & dad a new phone yay! All very exciting! I think everyone loved their little homemade bits and things too!

This past month I've been working on some deer illustrations to make into prints...Let me know what you think! x x


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