Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lavender deer's darling

So I finally finished in London! Feels like it's gone crazily fast, had my last day with all the lovely Tatty Devine ladies on Friday, ending with the Christmas Bash which was white and sparkly themed (my dream come true!) & I got a beautiful unicorn necklace as a leaving gift which I've been in love with for aggeeees! (will post picture soon!). I'm going to miss it so much, felt properly part of the family and everyone was so much fun to work with, wahhh!

I came straight back to my friends wedding party at the weekend which was really beautiful. He's marrying a lovely lady called Yuko he met in Japan (the story of their meeting is like a fairytale....she works in a flower shop and he worked in a restaurant and they were opposite each other!). Anyways, he's come back to get married on Christmas eve but had a little bash prior to it. It was held in his old school hall and it was all decked out with fairy lights and homemade indian food and drinks, and my boy Craig did all the tunes, saw so many people I realised I hadn't seen in faaaaar too long and had much needed catchup!  

Today I'm finally back home for the first time properly in months and getting cracking with last minute Christmas preparations! I've been making some lavender scented reindeer decorations for some of my friends and family, inspired by the wonderful 'Mollie Makes' magazine, hope you like! 

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