Saturday, 14 January 2012

Alice & Other Tales & Things ♡

So Today I ventured up to Liverpool to visit the Alice in Wonderland exhibition before it finished. In being an ma-haaasive alice lover myself I had high expectations & excitement before I even got there..and well..I was blown away! If you get chance before it finishes this week...goooo quickly & soak up some of it's magic!...

There was everything from the original manuscripts, tons of various copies of the book (lots old and with absolutely gorgeous delicate illustrations), Lewis Caroll's photography...and his camera! and so much incredibly art by the biggest variety of artists all sharing the spirit and themes of one of my favourite tales. The range and beauty of the art there was insane, it all felt like a huge cloud of dreamy inspiration.

Here's a cute little section of the gorgeous display in the shop...(there were cakes suspended from the ceiling ! !)..

I've been really getting into re reading old (and new) fairytales recently, namely 'Alice Through the needles eye' & 'Grimm's Fairytales' & watching tons of old disney films (: I've been working on some princesses and fairytales bits as I've mentioned in previous posts, so thought it was about time to post a few pictures...! Here's Snow White...

 aaaaand a little fairy castle and sleeping beauty....


more to come soon...hope you've all had wonderful Saturdays...lots of love!


  1. wow!!!! love your illustrations and that exhibition sounds amazing, just wish I could get down to liverpool to see it.

  2. love the little fairy castle! dreamy.

  3. I went to the exhibition earlier in the week. It was wonderful!
    Your drawings are beautiful. I especially like your sleeping beauty! xx


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