Saturday, 28 January 2012

Be my Candy Woodland Lover ♡

Hello my lovelies! Been meaning to post for a while but been super busy the past two weeks doing work experience at the wonderful get a grip ( in Digbeth Birmingham.

 They set me a little task of collaborating with them to design a tea towel, which I absolutely loved doing!, I went for a woodland candy theme, to match my own current designing's & hopefully to create something perfect for this time of year of (almost) springtimes and loved up valentines pastel coloured times! 

You can read some things about it & watch a little stop animation of it being printed on their blog, & here's a few photos!...

The candy colour mixing looked like giant pots of tasty marsh mellow sugary goodness, we were all almost thinking about eating it!...

Silk screen ready, set up & raring to go...!..

& the tea towels...piling up post printing! So much candy woodlandness!...

You can buy the Tea Towel on the Get a Grip Website..there's a very limited amount as we did a print run of 15! They are available for £9....

  I will be selling a couple on my Etsy soon too! Which Launched today! Lots of cute little pink & woodlandy valentines bits shall be added over the next few days so keep a beady eye! 

I've created a range of limited edition valentines card's printed on fine quality silky paper, with matching little envelopes, here they are all packaged up...

Mr Stoat Card & envelope...

Some Stickers!...

I've got lots more little woodland animals who are going to be developed further into exciting things soon, So for now I'll leave you with mr fox until I do another update... (:

& here's my society 6..from previous post where you can get all sort of bits of my work made into post cards and laptop cases etc! ...(ROSE PETAL DEER'S SOCIETY 6.. )

Hope your all having nice relaxing weekends! So far mine's involved lots of thai food and watching Vicky, Christina, Barcelona..a woody allen film from a few years back, which way exceeded my expectations!..but then I love Scarlett Johansson, always a beaut! Plan this evening's going to involve lots of cups of tea and general chilling I think!

Have lovely Saturdays everyone! Let me know what you think of everything! Lots of Love! 


  1. Mmmm look at that sugary marshmellowy painty goodness...Hello Lovely, absolutely loving your cards and tea towel design. The stoat is actually adorable !!!! x x

  2. wow!so fresh styly!love it and i follow you!))<3

    -fashion illustrator-

  3. Aww! Everything is so cute! I really want one of those tea towels, and those cards too! :)

    Thanks so much for following my blog! Following yours now! :)

  4. Amazing illustrations and congrats on opening your etsy store yay!!

  5. aww thank you so much for all the wonderful comments my lovelys! (: x x x



  7. I love the tea towel you designed, and those cards are so sweet! Lovely work :)

  8. These are very beautiful :) I will be visiting your etsy later, you're very talented! xx


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