Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pastel pink dream's of unicorn's ♡

So I decided that I'm going to attempt to do a post almost every day this month of a new fairytaley illustration in this month of rosey valentines loveliness ...

Here's the first..a little unicorn...I attempted to use crayons again, quite liking the delicate colours, I wanted him to be a pretty mystical little fellow

I'm loving the massive influx of Candy Pop at the moment, and have found so many amazing sugary sweet things/inspiration recently, I'll blog more soon! Anyway, Happy 1st February Lovelies! Lots of Love


  1. This is so pretty! Now I'm thinking I should get some crayons :)

  2. Lovely illustration. So cute. You are very talented.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  3. Argh, I love Unicorns and your illustration is so magical and pretty :D


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