Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Enchanted in the flowers - Valentines Love♡

Hope you all had wonderful valentine's days my beauties!

 Craig & I decided were doing ours a week late as we're opposite ends of the country again! But an excuse to be even more pink than usual (not hard!) is always a good plan by me!

 Thought I'd share with you a girl I've been working on recently who I think I might also sell as a limited print soon! Inspired by sleeping beauty, forests and dreams I like to think she's a spellbound type♡ 
Also, I've been featured on a few lovely little places I keep forgetting to write about!...
The wonderful Illustration Rally (so many beautiful love related illustrations!)
Ballad much amazing talent on here! I spend far too long glancing through the dreamy pool of talent (:.
The Young Creatives, a site with lots of lovely bits to read about other creatives & general nice stuff!
Let me know what you think! Lots of Love x o x o 


  1. oh how i'd love to have hair like that!

  2. I absolutely love your stuff! I have just gotten back into drawing and you're a great inspiration! x


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