Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pink Cotton Candy Wonderland♡

Thought I'd share some favourite February (and all time) inspirations & things I'm forever obsessed with straight from the wonderland ...

From Top Left: Top Row: Charlotte Free & her dreamy style & ever changing pink hair (a girl after my own heart), The Virgin Suicides Photography Stills book (been trying for over 4 years to get a copy and its so rare, but sometimes catch glimses of its gorgeous contents on blogs & fall in love all over again), Pink haired Blythes..I am forever a Blythe super fan and these ladies will always come tops!..

Second Row: A sneaky peak at a very special Marie Antoinette illustration I've been working on for a very lovely lady (you'll find out more soon!), The Pastel Hair spread from Lula magazine a few years ago, I continually look at it and wish I could have every colour and float around in fairy space like the pretty girls in the pictures, Miniature Carousels! (SO dreamy!!)

Third Row: Lana Del Rey in her Vogue Spread March Vogue 2012, I've loved her since the moment I first heard her, I don't care if she's massive and tons of people hate her for silly reasons, at the end of the day I think she's beautiful inside and out and her voice is just delightful, Wild fox new collection & collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell...ballet platforms and long floaty pastel lilac wish list is forever growing!! So perfect! , Miniature cakes and dollhouse things! I need to get a dollhouse & start collecting it's all so gorgeous! 

Fourth row: Sleeping beauty, forever inspiring and my most favourite princess fairytale of all, Louis Vuitton S/S 12, Candy colours, ice cream and a fashion show where they all rode on a giant carousel...stuff of dreams! & lastly, unicorns, they are always a big feature in my imagination, and I love drawing them..fantastic excuse to always get the glitter out! They also remind me of one of my favourite 90's films 'The last unicorn'. 

I managed to finally get my hair to the cotton candy shade I wanted today tooo - yay! 

& Some new prints I've previously posted about are now available in my shop! ...Rose Petal Deer Shop

Hope your all having lovely weekends! Lots of Love x x x


  1. I love your hair! I wish I can pull it off, you look beautiful!

  2. pink hair is the way to go! i used to have pink hair when i was at uni, just have the tips dyed now though, much less maintenance. Also I'm glad to see a fellow dollshouse lover. I have two dollshouses, one of them is a castle and they are so fun you should defo get one! also, i bet you'd love this:

  3. Aw thanks lovelys!

    Oh my goshhhhh that ring is so incredibly dreamy! Definitely right up my street!

    ahh so many sparkles! ♡

    Victoria your dollshouses sound amazing! I definitely need to get one, I'd love a big pastely pink coloured victorian or edwardian style one mm! I'm on the hunt! (:

  4. Ummmm this collage is absolute heaven! I would do anything to be able to have pink hair! You look lovely! XO Lori


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