Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lula's candy girls♡

A couple of pastel girlies I've been working on recently ♡..

I'll be selling them in my shop soon as limited edition prints, hopefully by the weekend, soon as I get some lovely art paper in (: Perfect as a treat for your bedroom wall (If your rooms anything like mine..)
Here's the pink messy state it got to earlier mid creating...

Let me know what you think of my prints, I was thinking about doing them in a5 & a4 sizes perhaps?
Hope you all have lovely Fridays!

 I'm finally going to get my hair done again! & going to a lovely local gallery in Brum called Icon to see a photography exhibition..quite excited! Lots of Love x


  1. those drawings are gorgeous! i esp like the second one. also loving all your aristocat stuff! maria was always my favourite kitten too.

  2. The prints look great, have fun getting your hair done too!! Enjoy!!

  3. You're prints are just too cute! xoxo

  4. you're prints are wonderful! i love them <3


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