Friday, 24 February 2012

Rosey girl♡

Finally starting to see the beginning signs of spring, beautiful bright blue skies and glimmers of sunshine 

I just rediscovered this drawing I did earlier last year as part of my big flower project.  I can't wait to get going again with adding lots more new lovely girls to my drawing collection! 

I bought a few giant moleskines and some pastel paper today which are sitting here ready to go! Feeling quite inspired and excited to get going on some new works at the moment! Hope you like her & you all have beautiful weekends with lots of nice plans lovlies! 

I'm heading to London for a few days to explore some markets and catch up with some very excellent friends, excited! 

Lots of love! x o x o 


  1. This is just adorable !
    Delighted to discover your beautiful blog; I find your artwork so inspiring..!


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