Tuesday, 28 February 2012

lilac lovely & floral dreams♡

Hello lovely ones! Hope your all having a wonderful February, I keep meaning to post more (lots planned) but never seem to have a moment spare at the moment!

 Been a super busy week interning with the wonderful 'Sukie' & visiting some favourite lovelies in London at the weekend! My saturday & sunday involved lots of dancing to 90's tunes and visiting pretty antique shops (: 

I was loving the little bit of sunshine that was starting to make an appearance...too excited for spring!!

Been back in Brighton these past two weeks which has jut felt magical, so nice to go to all my favourite spots once more, and see the sea! So excited to move back properly in Summer, yay!

Thought I'd post a little lilac garden girl from my flower girls project last year (I will write about the whole project soon (: ), but the more flowers I see the more I miss having vases everywhere full of delightful petals and fairy like scents and colours, definitely need to draw some more flowers again soon! I loved working on that so much! & I loved sitting in parks embracing spring in various gardens, there are some really truly beautiful hidden gems around Brighton which are simply perfect in Spring time (: 

  Looking forwards to some more trips to charity shops and countryside exploring later in the week when I'm not working! I also went to Lewes today for only the second time today to help hunt for some maps for the beautiful handmade Sukie books.

That place is like an absolute dream, jam packed full of shops selling gorgeous old trinkets, antiques and yummy goodness. I found possibly the world's smallest cake shop, which had simply the most spellbinding cakes I've ever seen, no other word to describe them, the main one in the window was a proper detailed gingerbread house which was so dreamy! and it even had it's own nutcracker man at the door, felt like I was staring into candy dream world <3

Anyways, Hope you like her! Lots of Love x x x


  1. ive always wanted to do portrait drawings!
    i think this is so pretty well done ♥

  2. That illustration is beautiful! Your blog is so pretty-like candyfloss :D followed right away!

  3. I really love all your illustrations and your blog is pure pink joy!!
    ♥ !!

  4. I just browsed through your blog, and I can't believe how talented you are. I love your illustrations. I will be coming back :)

  5. Thank you so much for all the beautiful comments my lovelys! mean's so much! (: <3 x x x x


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