Friday, 16 March 2012

Rainbow Bunnies & Birthdays♡

I decided I wanted to go rainbow-tastic with 4 different coloured Bunny's and made some candy looking cards for easter (:

Here are some little mini rainbow stickers I was making today to go with the cards <3 Bunny love hearts!

& here is the 'Rose Pink' Card,  The Bunny Bow Cards will be available in Mint Green, Lemon Icing, Lavender and Rose (:

HOW cute are these real life rainbow bunny's!?

In other news I was 22 yesterday! eek! I don't feel any more grown up though! This time last year I was having a crazy 80's birthday bash with too much pink cake & lots of my favourite people (too many people in a very tiny apartment in Brighton - was super fun though!) & the year before I had a tea party, which I just found some of the polaroids from <3 

It was Alice themed and super pink and sparkly - we made an insane amount of pink vegan cupcakes all with crazy icing and sweeties!! Looking at the photos is making me miss my lovelies! <3

This year I was at home as I'm still on placement year so we just had a cute family meal & things (: But it was a very happy lovely day! 

Lots of Love! Have beautiful weekends! x x x x 


  1. These are lovely! I'm looking forward to having a look through the rest of your blog! :)

  2. Happy birthday dear!! I love your blog. Everything about it. The pink! The illustrations! The light fairy-ness to it all. I am now following your blog! And how could I get my claws on some of your adorable stickers?! Anyway, I am so glad to have found you =).
    Please come visit me at !
    I hope you'll enjoy my blog and follow me, too <3.

    <3 <3

  3. Those bunnies are adorable! As is your whole blog! It's my first time reading your blog - loving it. :)

  4. The rabbits are unbelievably cute! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and the tea party sounds great xx

  5. Oh my the rabbits are just adorable :D And the the tea party sounds great :D

  6. Aw thanks so much for all the delightful comments darlings! means so much (: <3 x x x


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