Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lily in 'a shattered dolls dreamworld' & Tim Walker♡

So last night I started having a catchup with what my absolute favourite Photographer Tim Walker has been up to these past few months, and to my utter delight..discovered he is working towards both a new book and exhibition later this year!

I've been infatuated by Tim's work ever since I noticed him in Vogue, and then saw his pastel pink cats many years ago, he's so insanely talented, and is a true example of how imagination and dreams really can happen - he makes the world he fantasises come true, and all without any digital input (all his photographs are film based with no after edits). 

His photographs absolutely hypnotise me, into an entrancing land of beautiful props, childhood storytelling and British eccentricity. I decided last year he is definitely going to be the subject matter of my dissertation, and really can't wait for a chance to look deeper at even more of his work, it's just a whole new level of fairytale <3

Here's an illustration I did last year based on Lily Cole & some of his photographs
'a shattered dolls dreamworld'

This is one of my absolute favourites from one of his Vogue Spreads..<3

The Beautiful Pictures book where I get many a dose of beautiful sugary inspiration <3

and the fantastic shoot where they covered an old mansion in balloons...!

A couple of other beauties (there are way too many I could have posted :))


There's been so much talk on the internet this past year about his film which he describes  'my-lemon curd-and-honey vision just got darker', which intrigues me so much, the most I've found about it is the beautiful book & trailer...which is 


Does anyone know of anywhere it's watchable online/can be bought? I'd be so grateful! Lots of Love! x x x


  1. LOVE the second picture =) all of them super nice tho

  2. I love Tim Walker and I really need that book!!
    Beautiful Lily pink illustration!

  3. LOVE this, we're crazy in love with Tim Walker too! xx

  4. Your illustration is beautiful, very talented! xxx

  5. Thanks so much darlings! means so much (: He's amazing isn't he! Can't wait for the new exhibition! <3 x x x


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