Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Turquoise hazey summer skies♡

Today I have been majorly procrastinating and daydreaming, planning my dream summer wardrobe, making to do lists, deciding what to take on my mini holiday to Falmouth next week and embarking on a couple of new little projects - one quite exciting one is I'm attempting my own dream-filled book of illustrations (: 

The sky has been so incredibly gorgeous and blue and it's been so sunny <3
I can't stop looking at Wildfox Couture's beautiful summer collection, listening to Royksopp & Groove Armada and just being generally excited about summer!

Here's a little illustration I've been working on based on the beautiful Lyndsey <3

In other super exciting new's I'm going to be part of an exhibition in Urban Outfitters High Street Kensington run by the absolutely delightful MoonKo, called Once Upon a Time, with a couple of truly wonderful other little artists/illustrators (: It opens in April so be sure to come have a look if your about!

Hope everyone's had gorgeous days! Lots of love! x x x x 


  1. This is gorgeous my dear <3 I've been loving the sunny weather, although being in an office 9-5 isn't ideal! xx

  2. Gorgeous x x x I'm loving the sunshine too, apparently we are supposed to get snow at easter though. British weather is crazy!
    I'm following your blog, please follow back/comment.

  3. congratulation..that's great..would love to see it.
    Your illustrations are very pretty!

  4. this is amazing! well done little deer!
    that is amazing!


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