Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tim's magical wonderland ♡

Hello lovelies! Thought I'd do a little post on the current Tim Walker exhibition on at Somerset House,

Tim Walker is right up there as one of my main creative inspirations, he is just amazing, namely why I decided to write my dissertation on him, which (aside from the scary technicality of the marking of my writing side) I am absolutely loving!

His style - influenced by a love of all things childlike and fairytale is just so perfect, and I'm loving discovering new films and ways of seeing things just through researching into his ideas behind each shoot.

Since I first saw the candy kittens in the garden and the ribbon tied house from his last book 'Pictures', I've been hooked... you can see my earlier blog post with all my love for that HERE !

On Wednesday night me and my friend Phoebe went a talk he gave all about his ideas and feelings about Photography, and really his vision is just incredible. He full on follows his imagination for pictures hooking into that bit of  daydream and exploiting it into something truly excessive and magical that draws us into a world that can only be in the clouds of our dreams.  

My favourite part had to be the giant sized doll fro January Vogue Italia's 'Like a Doll' shoot & the Spitfire that was crashing through the walls. We were lucky enough to meet the magical man himself too! - Pretty starstruck!

Anyway here are a few sparkly pictures I took! Hope you enjoy and are having wonderful weekends!  Lots of love x x x 

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