Monday, 5 November 2012

Ghosts of gone birds♡

An exciting little event of the past couple of weeks has been my participating in a wonderful new exhibition in Brighton ...opening on 8th November based on the theme of extinct birds. It's super exciting!!! more HERE ! !

For my piece I did a detailed drawing of a Dodo which you can see in progress here with me in my room :)

Here's a mini version of my piece! (should be available as a print at the exhibition soon!)

I feel incredibly lucky to be part of such an amazing exhibition of such a variety of super talented artists! Some of the pieces really blew me away! Don't want to reveal too much as I think you all should go visit for yourselves and see some truly beautiful birdy related treats! 

The wonderful lady who I couldn't have done all of this without needs a mention too, the wonderful Debbie, who runs MoonKo an online platform of wonderful artists (I'm again lucky to be part of!)

& The wonderful gone birds facebook for previews on more of the pretty art!...GONE BIRDS FACEBOOK <3

Hope you enjoy having a little browse & that everyones having wonderful Monday's!

Lots of love
x x x x

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