Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blush Crush ♡

Soo I'm full blown in my last few months of uni eeek! Poor little blog has still been so abandoned!
There's been so many ups and downs and super stressful moments literally can't wait until it's all over and I'm braved with the real world! Me and Craig are aiming to move to Tokyo and fulfil our dreams! ♡
February is one of my favourite months and despite the crazy business I've had some wonderous sparkly pink fun, so thought I'd do a little post! Starting with some of my creative crushes and inspiration at the moment...

From left to right: super dreamy shoes!, different types of cherry blossom, Natalie Portman shot by Tim Walker, the beautiful artwork of Andy Ness, pink galactic skies, Lana Del Rey in Tokyo Numero March editiion, sparkly shoes of dreaaams and heart shaped pink cake!

Hope everyone is having lovely months, did anyone do nice things for valentines day? I always love the romance and sheer amount of pretty things around the shops in February and getting glittered and going somewhere cute! This year me and Craig actually managed to be together on the day! & on the eve before we went to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which was so lovely - she is such a brilliant happy bubble of inspiration! We had pink ice cream and yummy Japanese munch on the morn, here are a few little photos :)

  and the beautifulous poster I snapped up at the gig..

& here's a further few snapshots of my recent designing/my world currently consisting of lots of layers of furry collars in this super chilly weather, moodboards of pastel goodness for inspiration and my growing tutu collection!

Much more to come soon (whenever I get chance!) 
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Hope you like! Lots of love! Happy month of pink! x x x x

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