Friday, 24 May 2013

Fairytale Fauna Final Collection Part 1 : Drawings ♡

Hello lovelies! - So finally I am free and able to come back to blogging! - After the most intense year with what feels like I've been living in pastel bubble world (and a total roller coaster!) my Printed Textiles degree at Brighton is finally complete!! - the Fairytale Fauna collection is all done and ready to exhibit, with the private view next week (eeek!!)

 & the public show straightaway afterwards as part of The University of Brighton Degree Show (1st - 12th June at Grand Parade Building Brighton) - opposite the Royal Pavilion :) 

and London show will then be beginning on the 25th at Candid Arts Angel Islington, Please do pop along :) there are so many pretty things to see in the degree show! <3 I'll pop up more info on both very soon!

I'm currently in a total state of relief/excitement/exhaustion, & feel like theres so much I could write about I'm not sure where to even start! But I'm really excited to get my pastely pink fairytale vision out there ^_^ 

It all began with an influx of inspiration from all things Japanese and cute, a continual love for deer and pastel colours, fairytales and otherworldliness. It's all based around my drawings and their delicacy, So think I'll begin with a mini taster of some drawings :) Hope you like!

My pastel pencil drawings have resulted being the main focus within my fabric designs (more on those later) :

My pen drawings were used as visual research to visualise the story and world I was creating and to back up other illustrations and themes in my prints, helping to strengthen the vision of the collection :)

These little creatures are enchanted forest spirits ghostly lingering amongst all the cuteness,
Enchanted Rabbit (below), is a large illustration which has just been shortlisted for The Art Republic Visual Arts Prize as part of Brighton Fringe (eeeek!), if any of you lovelies have Facebook your vote would mean so much to me (if you like him!) - you just have to like the image on the Facebook page here:

Here's a little snippet of a screen print mid process to finish the post on - I ended up doing mainly digital printing in the end as I wanted so many colours and so much detailed drawing, but when it went right (there were quite a few disastrous colour attempts) screen printing was really pretty and a fun experience carrying it through to this level :)

Anyway, more super soon lovelies! Hope you've all got nice bank holiday weekends planned! Feels so nice to be at home seeing the family chilling out for a little bit - think mine's going to be super chilled! Lots of love x x x

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