Monday, 21 October 2013

Margot Blush Crush ♡

Margot Tenenbaum has to be one of my ultimate favourite film characters out there. Like many of Wes Anderson's characters,  she has a signature look which has been well developed, but also through her actions and dress sense, Margot's a distinguished state of mind. She's perfectly troubled and deeply concealing of her feelings, keeping secrets from herself & her family, until the realisation hits her that she's not following her heart. There's something imminently loveable about her. The pastel colours chosen for her beautiful wardrobe are reflective of her delicate concealed characteristics behind that huge fluffy camel coat. She's definitely a big wardrobe muse. Here's a little Margot inspired collage and my latest illustration now available in my shop >> ♡♡ ETSY ♡♡ << as a homage to the wonderful Margot.....

(all images pinterest sourced)

If your Wes Anderson fan then no doubt you'll be as ridiculously excited as I am for the new film..
If you haven't seen the trailer yet get on it as it looks amazing!!!!!! 
Behold the dreamiest looking hotel ever created...

Hope you like! Have lovely Monday's darlings! x x x

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  1. so excited for the new wes anderson film!! margot is a dream xo


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