Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cateriam Cat Cafe ♡

A few weeks back I went to Cateriam with my friend Nat who was visiting from England - it's a cat cafe near where I live in Shimokita, it was my second time to visit a cat cafe, and this one was definitely much better than the big Shinjuku one I visited last time. It's pretty small and both the owners and the cats are super lovely! - and you are allowed to cuddle them (bonus!). There were maybe 20 different cats, my favourite was a ridiculously white fluffy one who I was told was 'danger cat' as he likes to nip unsuspecting visitors haha, I had a good cuddle with him though! Here's a few photos of some cat brilliance ♡

This little guy was just ridiculous, he kept pulling the best faces ♡

and this cheeky boy insisted on sitting next to the sink you have to wash your hands in, and kept trying to drink from the taps ♡

Hope you like! Lots of love! x x x x

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