Wednesday, 2 April 2014

中目黒 Nakameguro さくら ♡

♡ 桜愛した増す ♡
Possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been - Nakameguro in full blown Sakura season, it was like a complete sea of the most beautiful pink flowers, the whole riverside was bustling with stalls and people enjoying 花見 (Sakura picnic) There was such a magical vibe, heres a bit of sakura spam for you ♡

Delicious Sakura Snack (Rice & Azuki Bean syrup) mmmm!

A few snaps of other parts of Nakameguro, the entire area is so unbelievably photogenic, I could've spent hours just wandering! ♡

The other night we went to Nakameguro by night for Sakura viewing as well, all the branches were lit up giving the whole sky and flowers an ever pinker glow ♡ too beautiful  - Here's a few snaps albeit a bit blurry from a rather Hanami filled day! (drinking under the blossom!)! 

Me & my lovely friend Yuko ♡

 Definitely the prettiest season I've ever seen, love you Tokyo! ♡ x x x x

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