Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tokyo Autumn Vegan Eats & Smoothie Making ♡

Before I arrived I had the perspective that being a mainly buddhist society that being vegetarian at least would automatically easy in Japan and that meat on the whole would not be so prevalent, but `westernised` Japanese food is totally different from the diet here! Fish is in a lot of things - and can be difficult if you decide to mostly buy from combine`s as most things have dashi!

I was always determined not to give up though and have researched and found soooo many incredible cafes both entirely vegan and cafes with an abundance of options. Now I`m stuck where to shop/eat as theres so much I`ve discovered!!! The macrobiotic and vegan world is growing, and the quality of the produce and the flavour and variety of soy and vegetables is amazing and huge (you just have to know where to look!)  - especially in Tokyo, there are hidden gems in the form of organic stores and little cafes literally everywhere and in the past 6 months I`ve discovered so much beautiful and nutritious new food! - and decided as it`s such a big part of my beliefs and life - that I would start blogging on some of my vegan adventures! Here`s a little taste! ♡

Homemade Vegan Bento 
Sweet Chilli Grilled Shitake Mushrooms & Soy Meat & Mixed Herb Tomato Veggie Salad 

Spinach, sesame and green beans salad and my new favourite green smoothie - since one of my friends donated a smoothie machine its my new favourite snack/ breakfast/ pick up ♡

Lunch set at Pure Cafe Aoyama (their tea is super yummy) - mixed grains, veggies and soup and vegan cake!!

Another favourite (T`s) - they have vegan EVERYTHING - cake/bread/wine/pizza/curry/pasta - I had the pizza and shared a big salad with my friend ♡

 One of the best cafes I`ve come across in Nakameguro, their lunch plate was so good! - Big salad, chickpea roast, soy meat, brown rice, miso soup (they did really yummy honey soy lattes too!) - double win!

One of my favourite cafes in Tokyo from one of my favourite artists Yoshitomo Nara, A to Z Wabamochi desert with caramel syrup and wine time  ♡

Another absolute favourite (I`m addicted) is Brown Rice Omotesando, they always use so many ingredients in their dishes and everything is flavour packed organic and super delicious ♡

 Me and Craig also tried their dinner menu a month or so back (SO good ahh!)

& lastly from my favourite little joint in Koenji ( Meu Nota) - their lunch plates are so big and with sooooo many different all vegan organic and yummy ingredients!!! - and some of the best tempura (deep fried veggies) I`ve had yet!

More posts soon! Let me know what you think! Lots of Love x x x x

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