Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Let them eat cake, a world of girly pink goodness ♡

Hi lovelies! So I've been working on so many bits and pieces recently, really need to get round to blogging it all! 
I did a couple of commissions for the wonderful Audrey Grace Boutique, a delightful little shop in America run by the lovely Jaclyn.

 This is the first, which I absolutely loved doing, a sparkly poster based on Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette is probably my ultimate style icon, and Sofia's version of her is just too lovely, ever since I first watched the film I've dreamed about the exquisite long lacy dresses and gorgeous shoes. The cakes and colours, and candy popping brilliance just is so hard to beat! <3

Absolutely LOVE Kirsten's hair when it's all peachy with roses, one of best bits of styling I've ever come across <3

Been watching the film lots recently (bit like a bible for me (: )  It's making me excited for spring to be able to wear long lacy things again and lie in grass drinking nice summery drinks and having picnics!...

Jaclyn has done some super lovely styling akin to the dreamy vibes of spring time too, I can't stop looking at some of her styling shoots, particularly this dreamy girl and flowers, so many pretty things!...It's all here..Audrey Grace Boutique..

I'm feeling incredibly candy-fied today. I've been working on a whole series of candy girls, lots of pink paper, glitter and pastel things and pencils were involved! My bed is looking like a big sparkly mess! Here's a little sneaky peak of one of the drawing's I've been working on!...
Hope your all having lovely week's! My mum told me today that some of the trees are starting to blossom in our village so think I might venture out and try take some pretty snaps tomorrow <3 Love Springtime! 

Looking forwards to the weekend too, when Craig is coming home and we're having a Japanese style picnic with fizzy wine for my birthday celebrations (: Happy times!

OO & In other exciting news, two absolute darling lovelies have featured me on their blogs,

The wonderful Natasha of 'The Secret Tea Party' ...The Secret Tea Party Blog
& lovely Poppy of Poppy Lauren Vintage Poppy Lauren Vintage

Both are regular reads of mine and are absolutely gorgeous! & they are both such nice ladies too!

Have a look (:

 Lots of love! x x x

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