Saturday, 14 April 2012

A little dose of pink ♡

So as it's getting more sunny, my excuse to indulge in pink and pastels in even larger amounts seems justified. I got my roots re pinked at the hairdresser which was exciting - she showed me a chart of all the options for such a range of gorgeous colours (currently stocking up off eBay to try some different ones!) 

Everywhere looks so pretty - my gardens full of all different colours and shapes of flowers - Just wish it would get a little warmer so picnics and reading books in the garden could happen! <3 Tonight I'm off to a local country pub with Craig for some chilled times, but thought I'd post one of my designs from this time last year from my Flower Girl Project - I wanted it to have a super girly kaleidoscopic feel. Hope you like!

Oh & here's my newest pink candy hairs! - whipped out my Tatty Devine Horse and Carriage too <3

Have beautiful Saturdays lovely ones! Lots of love x x x x

1 comment:

  1. ahh! I'm so jealous of your horse and carriage! I have wanted that for agggges (but probably won't ever be able to justify buying it :( ) Your hair is a really nice shade of pink too btw


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