Friday, 13 April 2012

Sugar Coated Lolita Inspiration ♡

I go to Tokyo in 100 days time with Craig! Words cannot describe how insanely exciting this is for us - it's been both of our dreams since we can ever remember - Japanese culture, and the many vibrant beautiful trends and subcultures has always fascinated me and I can't wait to explore it all and find lots of exciting pretty pastel treats! 

Pink Lolita's have always been a big inspiration - I love the enormous bows, layering of sheer and ruffley Marie Antoinette style pastel & just complete sugar overdoses. I decided to make a little mood board based on some of my favourite inspiring images/ pretty things (I have soooo many images I could have included so will probably be making more soon) <3
I wish the array of exciting bows and ribbons and chunky shoes! ahhhh massssive wishlist!
If any of you lovelies know anywhere good to go I'd absolutely love to hear from you! 

(Most images taken from weheartit) Top Row: Lolly Pop swirls as accesories, big puffy pink hair with lilac bits in, super long spidery eyelashes <3, an AMAZING hair do -(if anyone knows where this is from let me know!) - she's just pure candy floss!, pink lychee drinks (SO super yummy, a recent discovery from the Japanese super market near me - it seems like Japan has hundred of varietys of these exciting tea/fruit based juices <3

Second row: Two Lolitas in head to toe pink (LOVE IT), a very insane looking floral petal cake!, a super cute lolita with an overload of bows and pretty darling accesories in her hair.

Third Row: A Make your own ice cream cake thing- and they have faces..which you add...just wow!, really cute manga drawing, japanese bun <3

Fourth Row: Gorgeous pink blythe complete with her own mini hello kitty, chunky fringe,lace collar and turquoise oversize bow <3 and a completely gorgeous Marie Antoinette dress.

Fifth Row: beautiful minature Marie Antoinette cake, petticoat dress, AMAZE pink strappy ballet style shoes and matching parosol from Japanese magazine and finally girl with pony bag and carousel dress! - too cute!

Oh & here's a little Candy Video I'm a bit addicted to..

Hope you like! & that your all having super lovely Fridays! Lots of love! x x x x x


  1. Love, love, love this. It's so adorable!

    Emma x

  2. I feel inspired now ;) Every girl need some pink in her life ;)

  3. :D yay! pink makes everything better <3 Hope your both having wonderful weekends! x x x


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