Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Le Voyage dans la lune ♡

So last night I finaaally got round to watching Hugo, hands down one of the most magical and amazing films I've seen in a long time! It had the perfect balance between really hilarious moments, and parts that were so enchanting I started to get teary - what's even more amazing is that in very large part the story is true. It was so beautiful realising how ones man's beautiful dreams happened - and how he was a pioneer of film to showcase the make believe  and as a medium of art - it was spellbinding and seriously inspiring! 

Having always been a massive Air fan, when they created a soundtrack to the beautiful fairytale like film Le Voyage dans la lune by Georges Melies, I had to watch & listen straight away. (Hugo is about Melies life)

The film was originally made in 1902 and has just been finished in it's remastered state - a process which has taken a seriously long time! The results are so gorgeous and dreamy though! I can't stop watching it and wanting to be in that dream world <3 Here are some shots from Le Voyage dans la lune

Hope your all having lovely weeks! Lots of love x x x 


  1. Hey Emily!

    thanks for the #ff! ohh I waaant to watch Hugo so much! We've just got a big tv and I want to watch it on it! also le Voyage Dans la lune looks adorable!

    big hugs x

  2. Your blog is soo dreamy I love it! Definitely giving you a follow :)

    Annest X


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