Thursday, 12 April 2012

Little exhibition♡

So on Tuesday I went up to London armed with all my frames (on my lap on a super busy train!), to put them up for a super sweet little exhibition organised by the wonderful Debbie of MoonKo, In the upper ladies floor of Urban Outfitters High Street Kensington, my work in the frames & also prints are available for sale, and there are some other beautiful artists alongside me I'm lucky enough to share the lovely wall with!

 Do have a quick look if your around! It was such a lovely day watching it go up & meeting everyone!
Here are some photos I took (:

Hope everyones having nice weeks so far! Lots of love x x x


  1. Congrats love on the exhibition. Wish I could come down and see it all.

  2. How exciting :) I love your prints, hope you sell lots! xx

  3. That's exciting! Congrats on the exhibition! Would love to have seen it. Well done :) xx

  4. Thank youuu (: It's up for at least this month I think, pop in if your passing! <3 x

  5. ahh i'm soooo jealous! looks fab! x

  6. Lovely prints!

    Emma x


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