Friday, 6 April 2012

A mystical land of mermaid's & a dose of pastel loving - April favourites♡

Hello lovelies! Hope your all having a lovely month of April so far - can't believe how time flies & I haven't blogged anything in over a week! I've spent the past week down in Falmouth on holiday with the fam which has been super lovely,

so nice to just watch the waves and relax! Feeling even more super inspired by all things mermaid and pastel combo's, so thought I'd make a little collage of my current favourites! Hope you like!..

From Top Column (From Left): 'Moonrise Kingdom' - the new wes anderson film which is out next month..& I am VERY excited about, everything about it looks true to his usual fantastic style and form - so beautiful - I can't stop watching the trailer for the clothes, dreamy colours and pretty tune..ahh wish it would come out already! Beautiful sea shell/ underwater inspired jewellery, looking like it came straight out of a mermaid's chest, I definitely need a pretty piece soemthing along these lines to wear with long lacey dresses & turquoise & gold glitter nails in summer months! <3, Pastel Horses/decorative things - so spring like I am so attracted to all nic naks pastel coloured and detailed at the moment <3

Second row: Bag of dreams! (If anyone knows where its from please inform!), sugar pink shell shaped with a long gold clasp, the perfect accessory to fulfil current mermaid dreams! Mini Blythe mermaid - HOW CUTE! I love her turquoise hair, actually considering adding some turquoise to mine at some stage but might have to just get a wig (don't think I could move away from pink for too long!), Long beautiful blended pastel hair - this is just too perfect & mermaid-y in itself!

Third row: Charlotte Free (again) in perfect editorial - plush pink sofas, sparkly lavender socks - love it!, The disney little mermaid - because part of your world is one of my ultimate favourites! - and I can't watch it enough <3, Gorgeous sea shell inspired bra-let (again if anyone knows where it's from?) - too perfect!, I can see it with a long flowy skirt and some sparkly platforms ee <3

Fourth row: BIG marie antoinette hair, with pastel flowers and feathers and loose - proper mermaid style, Very fluffy skirts/ Cardi's - like wearing a giant ball of fluff - perfect to liven up an outfit I so need something in this description!..and finally...another wildfox lookbook I can't get enough of..rainbow pastel cats...cotton candy hair and matching candy can <3 They're just too good!

Hope you all have wonderful inspiring weekends full of lots of sugary treats and family times! <3 Have a lovely easter! To finish here's a little candy carousel I doodled recently...

Lots of Love! x x x x


  1. What a delicious assortment of bits and bobs. Speaking of fluffy fluffball clothing, have you seen the Alexander McQueen burnt orange and black ostrich feather dress. Except for the lack of pastel I think that'd be right up your alley.

    Oh and Ariel always has been my favourite princess!

    xx Courtney
    Such A Beautiful Sight

  2. Love all of this. Can I have it?
    I love your art too, love. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog just now.

    Ariel is my all time favorite princess as well. She's just the best.
    And deer are my favorite animals! Can we be best friends?

    Much love,

  3. Oh wow I love your blog so glad I found it!

    Emma x


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