Friday, 18 May 2012

Midnight in Paris♡

Been meaning to blog about this little gem of a film since I watched it last week, Woody Allen's truly done himself proud yet again as it was truly a magical masterpiece in film-making with a refreshingly original plot. It's based around a young novelist in love with Paris, time travelling backwards through Parisian history and encountering some of the greatest artists of Parisian history, I loved it so much, here are a few little stills. My favourite scenes were that in the 20's with the fantastic costumes <3 Hope your all having a wonderful Friday night! 

Lots of love x x x


  1. I have been meaning to see this film, I think I will try and buy it! I love the 20s style so sounds like a winner :) x x

  2. hello :) I added Your blog to my list "Inspirations-recommended". I look here often and always find something interesting. If you want to remove the link from my blog, let me know. Hugs!
    ps. sorry for my bad English, I learn, but I have no talent for languages

  3. Babara - thanks so much lovely thats super sweet of you (:
    & Rachel - you definitely should it's such a dream! <3
    Hope your both having lovely days! xoxo


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