Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sleepy Hollow & the dress of dreams ♡

The other day I finaaally watched Sleepy Hollow for the first ever time, I am a huge fan of Tim Burton, but also super easily scared so I guess I always tended to go for the lesser creepy option! 

However when I was looking through some old vogues a few weeks back, I came across an article with pictures Tim Walker had taken on the set of the film - they were utterly spellbinding, and the level of props and beautiful costumes looked right up my street, they talked about glitterifying mushrooms and setting up pretty woodland, and then on top of all this was literally the dress of dreams that Christina Ricci was wearing - like a lost victorian princess meets Marie Antoinette <3 So unbelievably gorgeous! 

So it's no surprise when I finally watched the film - I loved it! (despite the scary gory bits!!), & decided that as part of a new series of teeny film posters I'm thinking of putting in my etsy shop soon - this had to be done!

Here's one of the beautiful behind the scenes shots from Vogue..

& another of her in that magic dress!

Hope everyones having super lovely weeks! If anyone could suggest any other dark fairytaley films to watch that would be amazing (:

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New pretty things will also be in my shop soon! As I realise it's been a little neglected since easter time!.. MY ETSY

Lots of love x x x 

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  1. I adore Sleepy Hollow, it's one of my absolute favourites. I love Christina's dreamy dresses <3 I don't know if anything is quite as good but other dark fairytale films are Pan's Labyrinth, The Brothers Grimm, Red Riding Hood, The Phantom of the Opera, The Wolfman, Frankenstein, Perfume, Casanova, Ever After (both aren't dark but fairytale-esque) <3


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