Sunday, 13 May 2012

Unicorns, Tiaras & Flower Crowns♡

So I have been a bit absent from blogging for quite a while - I've had quite a busy up and down couple of weeks (both in travelling brum-london-brighton) and also emotionally due to the super sad passing of my lovely auntie joan. 

But I'm focussing on the magical wonderful moments and times, and its really kick started me into wanting to do more with every day, so I've embarked again on quite a few little sewing projects & also with some new drawings! 

I also spent last weekend reunited with lovely Tatty Devine ladies working at the super sample sale, & doing some exciting work with one of my favourite prop designers. Here's a mini collage of things recent:

Top Row: Me & Emily at Tatty Devine wearing the gorgeous new Tiara's Tatty has made for the Jubilee, I totally fell in love with the turquoise (bit of a branch out from my usual pinkness) & am now the happy owner of one, second picture is it in all it's sparkle in box, Sleeping Beauty when the prince finds here (will always be one of my favourite films and this scene is just so perfect!).

Second Row: A yellow and rose headband I made from the old tatters of a crown I'd gotten at glastonbury - I filled it with lots of new flowers ready to be worn again (:, A sneaky peak of the first of my new enchanted princess style drawings & my floral headband making kit - petals, wire, various roses, all scattered on my bed.

Third Row: The result of my floral headband making session for summer, this was the one with the most beasty flowers,  I now have about 5! (more photos on instagram - rosepetaldeer), A gorgeous copy of Sleeping Beauty & one of my headbands drying out on my bunny light (: (they were on every surface at one stage).

Fourth Row: One of my favourite Tim Walker Shoots - Vogue Christmas 2004, I've spent quite a long time recently in Brighton libary looking through old vogues finding all his original shoots as pre planning for my dissertation - I ended up spending hours and hours just transfixed by too many distracting editorials - This particular one saw Tim take up pretty much half of Vogue with a Pantomime themed shoot which was so enchanting - the props are just insane - I can't even begin to imagine the work in setting it all up!, Me at the Tatty sale in my Tiara, some gorgeous pink petaled flowers.

Fifth  Row: A beautiful illustration from an old children's book about a unicorn, The lisbon sisters (a photograph in a 90's vogue talking about the film pre it coming out) & a little drawing I did of a rainbow unicorn (:

Hope your all having beautiful weekends and managed to enjoy the glimmer of sunshine I caught a bit of today! I will hopefully be posting much more regularly again now my head is a little less scrambley <3 

A final note - a picture of my auntie looking super beaut at her wedding - She was such an amazing person with a truly fantastic heart, I have no doubt that she's in a wonderful place, RIP, 

Lots of Love x x x x 

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