Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sunshine & Curious Hendricks Times ♡

So I was looking through my (few) photos of the weekend and thought I'd do a mini post on my love for Brighton & the absolutely wonderful Hendricks gin tent that me & Craig went to as part of the Brighton Fringe. 

Cocktails made with rose & lychee were my favourite (three of my all time favourites in one glass...and it was pink?! heaven!)

There were so many wonderful interesting people to talk to and the sun was shining super bright! So good!
Heres me & my chap Craig enjoying our gin...

Above (some instagram photos): the bell jars of divinely delicious cocktails at the Hendricks tent mmmm!, some lychee juice I bought from the Oriental supermarket in Brighton, the pier at sunset on Saturday night, and raspberry's I had as part of a picnic.

Hope you've all had lots of lovely fun times, heres an utterly delightful little Hendricks Illustration I found of some interesting types in a boat, big love for Hendricks! x x x

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