Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sparkles & Corgis - Jubilee celebrations ♡

So the Queen's reached an incredible 60 years on the throne! Mum's just put up lots of bunting and we've finished getting the nibbles and bits for tomorrows small Jubilee family party to watch it all on tv! Definitely a time to get the Pimm's out! (despite the rain and rubbish weather).

The more I think about it the Jubilee really is a beautiful moment for our country and a chance for everyone to get together to celebrate a really special lady who has been through so much and always been such a great representation of our nation. I didn't realise until recently much about Queen Elizabeth II at all, like the fact she was thrown into governing the country at such a young age of 26.

I've never really gotten into Royal Celebrations much, I didn't get much chance with the Royal Wedding as was far away from my family/friends at the time, so in being home I thought I'd try & get into the spirit of things and make my family each a handmade glittery corgi card (: Here's a little snapshot of them..

& I had a go at illustrating a full corgi too (:

& here's the queen when she's little with a super cute corgi!

& our beautiful queen <3 Always so incredibly graceful and beautiful,

I hope you all have magical & fun celebrations whatever your doing over the bank holiday weekend! 
I'm having a huge clothing clear out on ebay if anyone fancy's looking! I am (
Lots of love! x x x x x


  1. Your cards are fantastic, I love the glittery crowns!

  2. Lovely cards, the corgis look so happy and cheeky! x

  3. Love your cards they are adorable! :)

  4. you have a talent for drawing animals, the finishing touches are really cute too.


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