Monday, 23 April 2012

Drive - a darker fairytale ♡

Last night I watched 'Drive', a film which stereotypically would not be my first choice, as after reading the back and the description of brutal bloody violence - I was a little scared and armed with super large cushions decided to branch out a bit & watch it, as I do quite like thriller type films.  

I was quite blown away - firstly the soundtrack is just so unbelievably perfect - I can't stop listening to the beautiful humming buzz of something a cross between elctronic 80's and definitely large doses of M83 influence. 
Secondly the styling, even down to that pretty 80's font - and the whole purpose behind the film was so dark and romantic - l could see clear influence from dark old fairytales, which put all the gore & violence into a context that was crucial to the film, and in reading up about the film discovered Refn's main idea behind it was to; 

'make a movie that was structured like a fairy tale: condensed in its storytelling and with archetypal characters. Refn sees The Driver as a knight who roams around the countryside searching for people to save. To play with the common theme of fairy tales, The Driver protects what is good while at the same time killing degenerate people in violent ways'

Couldn't phrase it any better myself, & if you haven't seen it, I'd definitely recommend, its dark enchanting and had me hooked in some kind of spell the entire way through. Gosling has proved himself as a definite piece of talented acting candy to watch. 

one of the prettiest songs...

Hope your all having a nice Monday! Lots of love x x x 


  1. This is a great film! Especially love the 80's influence :)

  2. So good isn't it, definitely going to branch out a bit more with my film choice from now on (:, Hope your having a lovely day! x

  3. I love Drive! The soundtrack is awesome <3 such an instant cult classic yey for Gosling & Mulligan! xx

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