Monday, 4 June 2012

Rainbow Barbie Girl ♡

Time for a shop update I thought! Hope your all having magical bank holiday weekends doing nice things for the Jubilee!

 Thought I'd post a sneak of things to come in my shop - lots of candy-tastic toy & unicorn related sparkly things for those of you that don't want to grow up and remain in princess fairy world forever (like me) (: <3 

Rainbow Barbie Girl will be launched into my Etsy very shortly as a mini art print (around a6 size), for  £4.50 (trying to keep my prices low so you, can have a little bit of affordable sparkle for your bedroom walls!) & whats more the hearts around her actually do sparkle! 

 Heres a little bit of current inspirations.... ponies, dollies, candy, sky dancers (everyone remember those - my FAVOURITE), princess castles & polly pocket! <3

& my print after extra sparkles....<3

Hope you like!
Check my etsy very shortly where she'll be on sale!
Off to a little party at local village hall tonight (: Hope your all having nice eve's!
Lots of love x x x x


  1. Ah your blog is so so wonderful! I have found you through Audrey Grace, I'm glad you share my love for Jaclyn's soon-to-be shop!

    Enter my Toujours Toi Giveaway!

  2. your blog is so cute babe!
    love barbie <3


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