Friday, 6 July 2012

Candy Pop ♡

So realise I've been massively neglecting my poor little blog recently! But I've been all over the place once again, working with the absolutely lovely Jenny King Embroidery down in Brighton, & seeing friends and fam, and working on some new drawings.

A few weeks back I made a little trip to London for the launch of the wonderful Ballad Of's Candy Pop Party (I know this is super delayed to write about it - but better late than never!) Which was too much fun! - so much pastels and excitement!!

I submitted a few illustrations, sadly didn't make it in, but thinking of putting them in my shop as limited prints, what do you lovelies think..

The Candy Party was a wonderful eve full of rainbow coloured shots that tasted like skittles, jelly beans, a little beauty bar where me and my friend got big eyelashes put on, before dancing the night away to some ultimate 90's tuneage from Wu Tang to Spice Girls <3

 It was like a lovely trip into the best bits of 90's and super fun! I got some wonderful goody bag treats too, some yummy vegan rose body cream & wash being my fav's - and of course the sugary sweeties and cute bits! The girls themselves were absolutely lovely too! So much fun to meet them in person after all the crazy candy tweeting that goes on! Massive congrats on such a beaut magazine yet again! Big Sparkly love!

Here's me & the girls at the party...

Hope everyone has lovely weekends planned, don't let the weather get you down! I plan on seeing some old friends and doing some dressmaking (I have so many patterns and fabric just waiting to be attacked!)

Lots of love! x

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  1. Lovely illustrations! So cute!

    Emma x


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