Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pastel Deer ♡

So I know we still have another month to go but I'm starting to get very excited about Christmas! Already we've began the nights of mulled wine and Love Actually in our little house to distract ourselves from the freezing cold Brighton nights! The shops are full to the brim of so many utterly delightful deer-like treats ahh I fell in love with so much cuteness walking round at the weekend!

As a little break from my continual mounting work load from uni, I have been spending my eve's of late listening to christmas tunes drinking hot chocolate and painting these two little cuties, who I think are going to be incorporated into an ever growing Christmas world thats going to emerge in our living room :) 

I think they need names though! Any ideas lovelies? Hope your all having wonderful weeks! Lots of love x x x x

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