Wednesday, 24 September 2014

京都 Kyoto & all it`s dreaminess ♡ 私が今まで訪れた中で最も美しい場所のひとつ

So a blog post is so looooong overdue, I`ve been crazy busy recently, with moving apartments and also changing jobs (starting as a kindergarten teacher eeeek!) & been meaning to post all about my incredible spiritual trip to Kyoto with the fam, these photos don`t really do it much justice, and I plan to make big changes to my blog soon, as being both a vegan and creative and lover of landscapes and beautiful places and also fashion, it feels like theres always too much to post about! - so expect big changes soon! For now here`s just a little sort of photo diary of some of the most beautiful spots on my trip! It was incredibly hot when we visited (about 38 degrees!! - my pale skin suffered quite a bit with heat stroke!!) But everything was so lush and green and surprisingly not too busy - I think because we visited just about the Japanese `Obon` holiday so the rush had passed (In the middle of August) Anyway... - I hope you enjoy!
 私が今まで訪れた中で最も美しい場所のひとつ ♡

Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺♡....

Backstreet shrine in Gion ♡ Such beautiful flowers

A hidden gem of a shrine on the Philosophers path

Lanterns in the Gion Temple

Amazing bunny themed store..

Wabarimochi (one of Kyoto`s famous sweets) ♡

Amazing green tea shaved ice with azuki beans and sugar 

Japanese tea ceremony ♡

Lots of love have wonderful weeks everyone! ♡

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