Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Cherry Blossom World Part 1 : Yoyogi, Shibuya, Daikanyama & Nakameguro ♡

Any of you who in any way follow me on instagram (much more frequent than here), will know there are few things (apart from deer and shiny glittery kawaii things of course) that I love more than Sakura, Japan in Sakura season really is something else, and never fails to lift my spirits and make me feel all kinds of magic, this year it was particularly needed after I lost my job and Tokyo can be such an overwhelming crazy harsh place at times. However when the flowers are blooming and everyone gets together for `hanami` flower picnics, and the rivers are lit up with blooms in some of my favourite neighbourhoods, its as if for a few short weeks communities and kind nature are drawn out from every corner, every park or public space is full of people happy to mingle and enjoy the sight of these magical pink flowers, its definitely one of the things I`d miss the most if I move. My flowery few weeks will need a few posts, but heres the first 

Instants of the first hanami with some friends & fun in yoyogi park, yoyogi is probably one of the busiest hanami spots but always super fun,

It was kind of overcast and going dark but you get the sense of the blossoms, and drinking sake from my lunch jar as I didn't have a glass haha,

Full blooms over Shibuya...

In one of my absolute favourite places Nakameguro, the blossoms line the river and are just incredible, particularly at night when they are all a lit up with a rosey pink glow..

& my new favourite toy, little film camera `sakura cam`, its been ages since I did any 35mm film so can`t wait to see the results!

Hope your all having lovely weeks! Lots of love! x x x x

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