Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring vibes ♡

Hello beautiful people! Sorry for again the absence, so much life change & things to think about at the moment, Spring in Tokyo is just starting to get lovely though, and heating up nicely, the sakura will be blooming next week & the cold days are drawing to a close - make way for the crazy heat to ensue! I`ve spent my free time over the last few months taking up lots of new crafting activities, and trying to stay creative in new ways. I found the absolute craft shop of my dreams so am continually creating new hair clips, pom poms and other random bits and bobs. My first challenge was learning Japanese finger knitting with this gorgeous pink chunky yarn, heres some of my recent crafting anyway...& some yummy veggies I`ve been learning to cook♡

One of my favourite vegan cute places ♡

& super cute decor...

Vintage blythe heaven I discovered recently too (so many shops full of second hand blythes - I died) haha

& lastly some spring flowers from a recent appearance in a friends music video ♡

Hope everyones having wonderful weeks ♡ Lots of love x x x x

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